Red tailed mother carrying avocado branch © Robert Sommers 2023

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Kermit Sommers r.i.p.

It's not like he was the kind of dog I would have ever picked if I had a choice. Well, that doesn't sound very nice, maybe that's not true.

What I am trying to say is that I am a big dog kind of guy and he was a chihuahua mixed with something or other and well, I have never had a little dog before.

We always had macho dogs, Great pyrenees and lab and pit and coyote crosses. Danes, shepherds. Little dogs are so needy, always under foot, require constant attention, are only good at one thing, being intensely cute, he had that in spades, this guy wouldn't even chase a butterfly. Useless, really. I wonder why they were ever even bred?

But he came to us years ago, from a long string of broken homes and we thought he deserved a bit more than he had. So we took him home and he palled with the cat and figured out quick that we were good for a tummy rub or five and managed to creep his way into our hearts. We had something special going did Kermit, Leslie and I.

He had such strange feral red eyes at night, kind of freaky. But he had a big loving heart and soul, was never much trouble, no enemies to speak of, cat tolerated him as much as a feline can, truth be told, Nigel kind of liked him but would never admit it publicly. Loved it when we came home, loved to go out and pee in the garden with me.

Never could figure out why this dog was passed around so although he was said to have barked at a baby once and quickly got his walking papers.

Leslie and I were both out of town this week and a friend kindly watched him for us but some perimeter defense broke down and the coyotes got him. Friend felt terrible, not her fault. Heard it, saw the aftermath or part of it anyway. Not pleasant.

Dog was at the end of his string with the bronchial stuff, would have happened real soon anyway, just hope he didn't suffer much. Heard about it on the road. Felt real bad. Shouldn't have told Leslie, she takes things real hard. I just started crying.

Kermit was a good dog. We miss him terribly. No comments necessary. And we are going to wait a while, please no canine replacement gifts. Glad we got a chance to know him. Little dogs are different but they offer something really big.

Bye Buddy, you gave us more than you got.