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Monday, August 28, 2017

Lonestar payback

Texas legislators were not the most charitable of sorts when it came to aid for Hurricane Sandy, to the consternation of their east coast republican brethren. Cornyn, Cruz, Sessions, they all voted no as did 29 of 30 Texas Republicans. Chris Christie and Pete King were not too happy.
"The congressional members in Texas are hypocrites and I said back in 2012 that they'd be proven to be hypocrites. It was just a matter of time. When you're a state that has any kind of coastal exposure like Texas does to the gulf, you're going to wind up having some type of disaster that's going to ... (harm) the people of your state. Then all of a sudden, you're not gonna want a conversation of the philosophical niceties cause people are suffering and dying." Chris Christie
Now the ugly cowboy boot is on the other foot. Here is an article from TPM with some excellent reader comments. Think the good ol' boys were merely playin" screw the yankee?

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