Jelly, jelly so fine

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Not for astronauts

We had a lovely dinner with friends on the coast last night. Ricardo and his wife Plaa were in from Thailand, having just complete a whirlwind tour of the Northwest and Big Sky country.

Ricardo, like our hosts, is a guy I go back forty years with, an expat long ensconced in Thailand with a challenging and considerable intellect.

He had been to Pike St. in Seattle the other day and had sent down a sumptuous repast of smoked salmon and scallops. He also brought some very special pumpernickel bread back from Montana.

Leslie made a simple but elegant porcini risotto like only she can. She is unfortunately in the awful cluster headache season so we did all we could to help her out by stirring and me trying to stay out of her way.

Lena grilled shrimp and put out quite the board of appetizers. Topped it all off with delicious gelato and berries.

Awesome meal. Just wish my wife felt better. Thanks to everybody.

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