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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Elbow striker

Theo Moudakise - Toronto Star

Humans are such a funny bunch. Many of us have petty prejudices and preconceptions that might not be altogether accurate or stand closer inspection in stronger light. One of mine is that I rarely encounter children of the privileged that amount to that much. (Not that I add up to all that much.) Perhaps it is because they have been largely shielded during their lives from the real possibility of disaster or failure.

Now I admit it is a gross generalization. I have seen super driven and wonderful children of the upper classes that have persevered and driven themselves to real greatness. I have seen it but it is relatively rare. Can we focus on the other ones for the purpose of this spiel??

Not their fault, but the existence of a safety net might be an impingement to the real building of character for those scions in the former group. If you know that somebody is always there to catch you...

Not that it is the progeny's fault. But when you start out at the bottom, say executive vice president of the family's corporation and your fellow troops are so terrified of Daddy's wrath that you receive a steady regimen of ass moochin' and back slapping, so nobody gets crosswise with the old man.

Then the danger is that you start thinking that maybe you are really that good. And that smart. When you're not. And maybe you even picked a trick or two up from pop about making the little people squeal.

Take Donald Trump. If I may be permitted, it seems like the guy was emotionally retarded way back in say, kindergarten and never learned about that basic play well with others thing. Out of all the President's many failings and missteps, not to mention the horrid policy positions, which I am not going to get into right now, perhaps the most egregious failing is this one.

Jack Ohman - Tribune

The guy always leads with his elbows. That strike back ten times harder at anyone who crosses you, even if it is a poor grandmother trying to cross the street stuff. The most childish and infantile behavior and character trait that I have ever seen out of Washington in my now sixty years on the planet. Such a lack of nuance and sensitivity.

An enabled delinquent who somehow got convinced that he was smarter than everybody somewhere along the way. Now that is delusional. And has never apologized for anything, or said or done anything that required apology for that matter, not to mention that the Donald lacks a scintilla of humility or human sympathy. Somebody needed to knock the shit out of him when he was growing up and unfortunately it apparently never happened.

The problem with an elbow striker is that people have a long memory after they have taken one. They hurt. Corker, Flake, McCain, McConnell, Cruz have all been on the receiving end and that's just from his own party.

It's kindergarten rule number one, be mean to everybody and no one will like you. They will remember. Don't be an asshole.

Donald Trump is going to need allies in his last three years in office. If he somehow skips impeachment or indictment anyway. How many allies you think he has left?

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Anonymous said...

Trump is like Butch in "The Little Rascals", but not nearly as charming. Thanks for finding a much needed way to help explain this very ill, very bad man.