Jelly, jelly so fine

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


My late father, Amos Sommers, would have been ninety one years old today.  I hold his dear memory close to my heart. He was a solid rock of a man, not only brilliant but incredibly successful. An imperfect man, he tried as hard as he could, in his own way, to care for his family, whom he took pride in and loved deeply.

If he had not put his faith in a cheating conniver there is no telling how things would have ultimately worked out. One of his main failings but his heart was in the right place. He saved my ass on multiple occasions. I contrast my own accomplishments at sixty with those of my father with a genuine sense of shame. But we all must walk our own path.

Losing my brother Buzz has made this the most difficult year in memory. Buzz was in some ways the closest person on earth to me, with the only exception possible being my wife Leslie. I had a wonderful happy dream of him the night before last. I miss him so much. We talked practically every day without fail. Such a hole in my life, his beautiful voice will never again grace my ears.

He was equally close if not closer to my father. They were golfing buddies and had an ease between themselves that my father and I unfortunate missed. Until near the end when his illness softened both of our sharp edges. I am so glad Dad didn't have to go through his son's passing. It would have devastated if not killed him much like the searing pain when we lost Amie.

Please honor the Sommers family with a silent prayer of your choosing if that is something that is in your heart. Feel free to join me in a tear in our lost member's memory. I promise to do the same for you one day.

Leslie, Buzz, Amos, Zach, Rachel, Julia, Robert - Missing are Shela and Jacob, Laurie, Sarah, Barbara, Amie and Lisa