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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A cautionary tale about wiener abuse.


Anonymous said...

Meat is murder! I had that same trip except I was eating a veggie dog and it told me that it was ok to eat it because I was saving pigs and cows lives and also the bugs that go into the making of of a hot dog. But then the bread started to talk to me and told me to kill my best friend. Now I'm spending the rest of my life at Atascadero.

Blue Heron said...

...the bugs that go into the making of a hot dog? Thanks a lot, I think I'm going to really enjoy my Hoffy tonight.

Anonymous said...

I worked at a waitress for a few years. Most people would not eat out if they knew what was going on out in some of the kitchens.
Maggots in the pizza toppings.
Cigarette butts in the pancake mix.
And worse.
And I knew people who worked in canneries--don't ever eat canned fruit cocktail or pink pistachios.

Almost worst than hallucinating.


Frisky said...

Sacrilegious to put ketchup on a hot dog, never mind a living breathing father of 7 frankfuter.

Blue Heron said...

Thank you Frisky, once again I have confirmation that blast readers are the most perceptive receptors on the net. Hot dogs should be eaten one of two ways - with and without kraut with a spritz of hot mustard. Another reason I could never live in chicago - ketchup, cucumbers, celery salt - horrors!

Perhaps the moral of the tale was that the frank could not enter the hot dog hereafter covered in such apostasy - his existential squeals proof that he would have willingly given his life if only his death had been less ignoble. But as quick as you could say ou est l'aboitore this miserable drug crazed gal in the discordant blouse and pantsuit chose to squash everything he had ever lived for.

Thanks again, Frisk, old man. Regards, Rober

Anonymous said...

I found myself tripping also...somehow fully absorbed into the experience. Thank God the video ended!...but then I read the comments. No, this wasn't ending! Blue Heron Blast had somehow become DOSED!!!!!
Then came Frisky's comment. Amen. Ketchup on a Dog. Better than a shot of Thorazine! I owe you Frisky!!!
Robert get well...I'll get even with you for this one Bro.

Anonymous said...

Your welcome Robert. I finally checked your blog after months of forgetting to despite being prodded to so by numerous folk..... and now I finally went back to it. By now I hope you are well on your way to recovery so we can see you at the Del Mar show.
Frisky Risky Isky Sky Ky Y

PS The last time I heard a hot dog sing was in the 50's at the original Coney Island Nathan's. He was so happy to be drenched in mustard and kraut only that he "relished" the day by singing"Oh, hot diggity, dog ziggity, boom what you do to me
It's so new to me, what you do to me
Hot diggity, dog ziggity, boom what you do to me
When you're holding me tight"