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Thursday, March 5, 2009

pink floyd

Faithful reader Keith emailed me yesterday to throw a few plaudits the blog's way. A lover of Humble Pie and Frampton, I knew I could raise his antenna. He asked me if I was familiar with Pink Floyd. Well coming from the five finger can and patchouli generation, of course I had a bit of familiarity. Kind of lost touch with Dark Side of the Moon, they got seventies ponderous, sort of like yes. But I loved meddle and the early stuff, emily played, etc.. Standard bong fare. Like the trippy introductions on the Steve Miller albums.

Now that I play a wee bit of music meeself, the stuff sounds a bit overwrought and it's rare that I will slip on a Floyd disc. The Roger Water's Wall was one of the worst video's I have ever witnessed.

But this early video is cool - shades of Breton and the dadaists. Did you know that Andre Breton once caused a riot in Paris by creating a poem by pulling random words out of a hat? Kids having fun with a mannequin - what could be better? I thought that video was going to be such a rich medium but think the thing went off the track a long time ago and never recaptured the heyday of Peter Gabriel and Enya and XTC. MTV got so trite and monotonous - rarely does anything get close to approaching art these days. The early black and white stuff seems a lot cooler most of the time - shades of hard days night.

Anyhow Keith , this one's for you - not quite a fly buzzing around the table but hope it will do.


Anonymous said...

whatcha talkin' bout Rob?
'Dark Side of the Moon' is pure classic, considered by critics as one of the very finest rock albums ever recorded.
Roger Waters 'The Wall' is a great concert video.
Shine on you crazy 5 fingered diamond.

Blue Heron said...

Finest Rock Albums - kind of like an award for prettiest pig in the barnyard, eh? No, all snobbery aside, I think of great albums and I think of Forever Changes, x- Los Angeles, Rubber Soul, Dr. Sardonicus, Tapestry - these albums convey an emotional message of some sort. Floyd is more like a good nitrous experience at the dentist.

Anonymous said...

If I was a deserted island (with electricity) the two albums I would want would be; Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall.


Blue Heron said...

No man is an island. You are probably a deserted promontory.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mr. Heron but I must agree with anonymous. I am an unrepentent floyd affectionato. I will give you credit for your other great album choices. Saw Sardonicus done live by Spirit in 1971 at my alma mater. I was on my college stage crew. Got to partake with the boys afterwards.By the way real men do not use nitrous at the dentist. A good Floyd man knows that. Go Celts!!