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Friday, May 10, 2013

May tidings

News out today that our planet's CO2 levels have just reached historic heights, over 400 ppm. First time in history. Yippee! I give the climate change contrarians less than 24 hours to declare that the earth's plants will be happier now.


As a photographer, you have to love afternoon sun.


"The Internal Revenue Service said Friday that while "mistakes were made" when the agency inappropriately targeted conservative groups for additional reviews between 2010 and 2012, its actions were not motivated by partisan politics."
Holy Richard Nixon, Batman!

The Republican congress has bagged two Obama nominees this week, at EPA and Labor. They seem content to just obstruct at every opportunity.
"...a Congressional Research Service study of recent judicial nominees found that Obama’s nominees have been blocked longer than any other administration since 1980, with Obama’s district court nominees waiting an average of 221 days for confirmation, compared to an average of 34.7 days for Reagan’s court picks." 
Texas Senator John Cornyn had the audacity to complain about the dearth of judicial nominations when he himself short circuited the process and refused to make recommendations.
"Texas has one of the worst judicial vacancy rates in the country, due in large part to its senators simply not making recommendations to the White House. Cornyn and fellow Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) haven't moved to fill seven vacant judicial slots. One of those slots has been empty for 1,743 days; another has been without a nominee for 1,044 days, according to data recently published by the Alliance for Justice, a left-leaning association of more than 100 organizations focused on the federal judiciary."

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