Monday, May 13, 2013

President flashback

While initially it looked like President Obama was trying to be a transformative president on the model of a JFK, recent events lead me to believe that he is actually more a student of Richard Milhouse Nixon.

On the heels of reports that his IRS targeted conservative groups comes the news today that they tapped all the communications from A.P.. Not individual reporters, the whole freaking Associated Press. Including their home telephones. An unprecedented dragnet and data sweep. Tricky Dick, meet Tricky Barack. So much for that quaint little notion of a free press.

I still think that given the choice and the competition, even in hindsight I would hold my nose and pull the lever for this man again but have lost my faith in him near completely. And I think that there will be fewer and fewer true believers that he will be able to rely on for support for the remainder of his term. Why should anybody go to bat for this president?

His U.S. Attorneys are still shutting down medical marijuana dispensaries and putting weed patients in jail at a record rate. He has turned his back on civil liberty, in this country and abroad. When we look back and ask ourselves at one point we surrendered our liberty to Big Brother in this country, he will surely be a prime candidate for review. He has a sorry ass record regarding whistleblowers in his administration.

He thinks that he has the right to target american citizens with drones, even on their home soil, not to mention his eradicating questionable targets abroad in sovereign foreign nations. Talked a good game about getting us out of Afghanistan. He has been so willing to accommodate the opposition that his favorite move is the unprovoked surrender, he really ends up standing for next to nothing most of the time. Keystone XL will be the final nail in the coffin.

It is really too bad, things were so promising. We have wasted a great opportunity in this country. Don't ask progressives for support, Barack. When did you ever support us?


Sanoguy said...

I share many of your feelings. It is time for Holder to go as well as the IRS Director.

What troubles me maybe more than Obama is the fact that the Justice Dept. got a subpoena for the wire taps. What was the judge thinking?

As to the IRS, they are required by law to verify the status of of 501 C 4 groups. This is the IRS section for groups doing charitable and beneficial work. They are tax exempt. Many of the political groups were applying for this status. The Supreme Court in the Citizens United case muddied the waters for the IRS by allowing groups, even 501 C 4 groups, to make political contributions. Roves' GPS group as well as Obama's group are organized under these guidelines. These groups are not doing beneficial work, they are clearly political. It appears, at this point, that some of what the IRS was doing was trying to verify the validity of these groups.

None the less, the IRS Director should go.

Blue Heron said...

I agree that these groups have made a shambles of the notion of a nonprofit.

Richard Carpenter said...

I agree with Sanoguy. The law governing tax exempt status needs correction. This flap over the IRS is like the scene from Casablanca when the head of the police, Louis, closes Rick's nightclub because, "I am shocked, shocked that there is gambling going on", while the card dealer comes up to him and says, "here are your winnings sir". Yes, Obama is not JFK. If he was he would be killed. He is not Nixon because he did not pull a behind the scenes maneuver to keep the war going in order to get elected (1968). The recent Johnson tapes revelation about Vietnam and Nixon puts that comparison to rest. What he is,,,, is the bought leader like all the ones before, like our congress and supreme court. He is different to a degree but not what we all imagine. Our supposed leaders will not make a difference. The working class people taking the lead will make the difference. It has always been that way, always will be that way.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Oh man! Great minds think alike! I referenced "All the President's Men" on our radio show today... I am totally with you. The IRS thing makes me think of the infamous "Nixon's enemies list" from back in the day.

Also, the AP thing makes me think of what Rupert Murdoch did to the press over in the UK.

I am disappointed that Obama is imitating the worst of the conservatives... and if he is NOT deliberately imitating them, that might even be worse news that if we WAS. (sigh)