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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Driving North

I have been in the habit of getting off the highway on my frequent trips to the Bay Area and driving up the coastline from Monterey to San Mateo. It is just as fast to take the coast route from my pitstop in Del Rey Oaks (with great friends Vlad and Natasha) and a heck of a lot prettier. I took off a day earlier than usual this time and somewhere north of Pigeon's Point noticed a rock covered with birds and seals a hundred yards or so off the shoreline.

As I walked out to the islands I thought about how stupid and possibly dead I would feel if I was to encounter a rogue wave, all they found left from that Sommers kid was a soggy Nikon, you know how the headlines would read...

While I usually drive up to the 92 and cut over to San Mateo, this time I took the road though the San Gregorio Valley and up past La Honda, a road that cuts through the redwoods and terminates at Skyline Drive and the now closed Bella Vista. A very pretty day, indeed.

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