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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Presidential turkey

President Obama made headlines the other day when he mentioned that he was not particularly ideological. I agree, he does not appear to be. My problem is that he campaigned rather fervently as a person with a strong ideological bent, especially in some of the areas I am interested in like civil liberties. Now it appears that he is not as committed to a progressive agenda as he once presented himself.

Huffpo pointed out today that he has pardoned far more thanksgiving turkeys than low level marijuana smokers. I am not going to waste your time with a long laundry list of grievances, I have done that many times before. I only wish that he had been more honest with his constituency when he gave us his initial sales job.

I have friends that are pained by my negative view of Barack Obama. I look at him as a very good opportunity wasted and a man who has a hard time taking responsibility. While the ACA was definitely obstructed at every term, his signature program was so fatally flawed and executed that it obviously had no business being launched before it was ready. Amateur hour. His backtracking on his promises to the american people regarding this program will badly tarnish his legacy forever.

It is admirable that we have a President that can be so non ideological and objective. But as I said several years ago after one of his many betrayals, some day he will need his alienated base and they will no longer listen or respond to his clarion call. I believe that day has come.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to the draft dodgers!
The obamacare web site debacle resembles many government computer disasters such as the California DMV mess. Politicians and bureaucrats seem to have a tendency to make horrid decisions about data systems perhaps in an effort to make an inherently expensive thing cheap or in a grandiose attempt to accomplish the impossible. They have no excuse for the mess and I hope they can straighten it out so people can see what obamacare is and decide if they like it or not.