Equinox sunset at Salk

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


It has only been a week since I have written but somehow I feel like I am so far removed that I have forgotten how to speak. My four show grind has come to an end and I am mentally exhausted. Toast. The shows were fruitful and I am both satisfied and proud of my ability to manufacture business at a time when many are having a tough go. Nevertheless I am seriously frayed.

One of the dealers, after a miserable three show run with zero sales, was found unconscious in his hotel room, the victim of possibly a heart attack or stroke. Stuff definitely wears on you when things aren't going the right way. Luckily this guy's sister had the authorities bust down the door and he is going to make it. Our best wishes to him.

Not going to go into a lot of the minutia of my week. Big Hillsborough client bounced a check. The Collector antique magazine ran a story on me and my upcoming surgery that probably divulged more about my personal history than was necessary. A red tailed hawk spent the better part of one afternoon inside the exhibit hall, which has an official new moniker, the Sleep Train O'Brien Building. Least it wasn't brought to you by Tidy bowl.

Had a lot of people come up and introduce themselves as regular readers of the blast and I want to thank all of you for tuning in. You probably have something better to do.

I am officially resigning from at least the administrative duties of my photo group, Fallbrook Shutters. At times it was like herding cats and I don't need it right now. Need to focus on my own stuff at the moment.

My brother is about to go through a pretty serious medical procedure so soon I will be off to Toronto. Then I come back and get my own surgery and an indeterminate decommission. Toronto, what a mayor. Makes Bob Filner look like a choir boy.

The microphone on my new phone went dead and I need to now go and exchange it. I will try to write something more salient and personal the next go round. Bye for now.


Anonymous said...

I for one missed your musings.
Deli guy
Good to read you are alive.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Robert with all the trials you are facing. Peace be with you my friend, you are an oak. Heya hey to Ms. Leslie from KC and Linda here in the outback of SE AZ.

Sanoguy said...

Hang in there! Keep writing!