Equinox sunset at Salk

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blue Heron Blast readership favorite shots - 2013

Here are some of the blast population's favorite pictures taken this year. Please do not use these images without the photographer's permission. Let me know if you want me to inquire. I will continue to add to this post as long as I am able, so please keep sending me images!  Once again, very nice stuff.

Kip Peterson

Zion National Park - Sigma DP2- Merrill

Ted Fleming

Beauty and the beast

Mike Reardon

Oceanside Pier

Jonathan Hill

Ladder, Santa Fe

Bill Olson

From April to November, almost every time I rode my bicycle to Oceanside I took a 10 second video with my iPod. This is a montage of frame captures from most of those clips.

Kerry Vernon Johnson


Robert Sommers

Ken Seals

Jon Harwood

Ricardo Neumann

Thai parking space

Len Baron

St. Marks Place

Randy Walters

Brett Stokes

Lou Nidorf

Dominic Grossi

Lena Leichtling