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Monday, November 11, 2013

Tin to Tiffany

Lot of cops around of late. Something's been going down. Got a call on my way home that cops chased a car up on Vista Del Rio and two guys jumped out and ran for it into the barranca. One got caught but I don't know about the other guy, who was supposedly somewhere in the brush headed in my direction.

A prudent person would probably go get the handgun. I'm too lazy but I think I did lock the door.

Along with cataracts and shoulder aches, I think I may be starting to lose my hair a bit, an ever petulant prostate. This is the point in the story where I usually start beating my breast and bewailing the onslaught of age and my imminent decline. But the truth is that many of my pals have fifteen or twenty years on me and seem to be doing just fine and don't bitch so much. So I will stfu.

They delivered the Los Angeles Times instead of the Union Tribune on sunday for some reason. What a pleasure it was to read a decent newspaper again. Our newspaper, owned by one Doug Manchester appears to be swallowing up a bunch of local weeklies for some ungodly reason. Control all the media outlets and you can shape the information stream. Word is that they tried to buy the Reader and Holman said no, bless him.

I have a lot of friends that won't even look at the Union, they loathe Papa Doug so badly. I hear that he has even purged all the anti takeover comments on the Sign on San Diego website.  The U-T is pretty much close to unreadable, serving the most self serving corporate and parochial agenda.

The cost of the extended Y DNA test has dropped below $500 and I am going to do it, the first L792-a1member on the planet to have his DNA analyzed at this level, with over 10,000,000 chromosomal base pairs charted. My research will hopefully uncover new downstream single nucleotide polymorphisms (snp's) and provide new information about my branch of the E3b clan, the Sea People.

I, of course, share this haplogroup with my more famous genetic cousins Napoleon Bonaparte, Hitler, Louis XVI and Stalin, I was obviously born to a despot be.

Miley Cyrus may not be the most talented performer but she sure has a keen flare for packaging, self promotion and media manipulation. We haven't seen this sort of thing since, well Lady Gaga, a woman that actually has some talent as well.

Worst story of the day. Worse even than smelloscopes and throwing puppies in the river.

Del Mar this weekend.

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