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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Showdown at Two Bunch

Leslie and I spent the weekend at Two Bunch Palms and had a marvelous time (or at least as great a time as one can have in 115 degree heat.) We had a beautiful villa and generally interacted with really nice people. Food was great, too.

I guess the absolute nadir of the trip was a talk, well truthfully maybe we can call it an argument, oh hell it was a cataclysmic verbal beatdown with a rotund man named McPherson. Mr. McPherson knew everything about everything and would brook no opposing view. We started on Guantanamo, he hoped that it would be open forever, When I mentioned that the federal judge had issued a ruling last week disallowing any further involvement in the case by the lead Pentagon actor, Brig. General Hartman and that the lead prosecutor had resigned because the deck had been illegally stacked against the defendants, he did plead momentary ignorance.

Apparently the man had been energy analyst of some kind, a long time Navy Officer and a very wealthy fellow.

We continued to spar over nuclear waste at Moab, Yucca Mountain, our friend the great Dick Cheney, environmentalists that are bent on destroying america, the need to drill and explore every possible energy source, ethanol and its horrible effect on the central aquifer and on and on and on. Solar and wind power and renewable energy, bad. Fossil Fuels, good. People came and told us to shut up as the spa is supposed to be a quiet zone and I apologized.

Then he brought up Darrel Issa, my congressman, a shining example of the American Paradigm at its apogee. I mentioned that I couldn't stand him and that his views are anathema to everything I stand for, he went ballistic and he vowed to give him a large campaign contribution on the basis of my opposition. Because in his opinion, I want to destroy America. So Darrell, Baby, you owe me one. And in honor of that and to return the favor, I am going to spend a few moments in the next several days showing some of the highlights of Mr. Issa's illustrious career. A greatest hits package as it were.

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