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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moral Equivalency Contest

I would like to propose a thinking contest with a real prize! Don't know what it is yet... I would like to see the best commentary comparing three events in history and would love your input. The three actions we are collectively pondering are as follows: Israel's occupation of Israel/Palestine since 1948, America's subjugation of the American Indian and the subsequent long march and lastly the occupation of Tibet by the Chinese since the early 1950's (54?). Are the actions of these three governments similar? Are any of the behaviors of these powers justified and if so, which one? I never thought that god paid that much attention to matters of real estate but perhaps I am mistaken. When is aggression justified? Serbia is claiming land at present that they lost in the 14th century. Can we speak to these questions and matters with intellectual honesty and fairness? Does blind nationalism play a helpful role in these kind of decisions? Does the sweat and blood equity expended in efforts to win/reobtain a homeland justify the tragic consequences of the dispossessed? And don't tell me how well the native americans are doing at the casinos... They had the whole enchilada and we have broken every treaty we ever signed with them. I wonder if I can get an answer to these questions? Anyone willing to take a swing?

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