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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pssst, wanna buy a lid?

Yesterday, a bronze sculpture of a dog was stolen in front of my friend's veterinary hospital. It has been there quite a long time and will be missed. We in Southern California are in the midst of a stolen metal epidemic. Thieves are stealing anything and everything - from lampposts to irrigation systems to electrical wiring. There has been a spate of manhole covers missing in Los Angeles. In my town several nice sculptures have been purloined, cut up and scrapped. A fiend's avian memorial to his late wife was found in three pieces at the metal recycler.

It is not too hard to surmise who the culprits are, seems like a tailor made gig for the tweaker meth generation. I just wonder about the pieces of crap metal recyclers who are aiding, abetting and enabling their habit. They have to be wise to what's going on and to where their chinese destined cargo originated. Or they are not bothering to ask any questions.

On the other hand, I don't actually want to be the guy who calls out an overmedicated meth freak who is capable of hefting a 200 lb. manhole cover on his larceny. Hopefully these hominid termites will die before our entire infrastructure is
eaten up from the inside out.

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Anonymous said...

In general-We find that the termites and cockroaches represent the last man standing. Criminals/ Thieves run rampant and all we get are increases on our insurance premiums.