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Friday, November 28, 2008

Questions, we got questions...

Kassam Missile Strikes, Jerusalem There have been reams of discussions and dissertations on why toast always lands butter side down. Why men have nipples. Why the grass is always greener, yawn, etc. (By the way, my friend Bruce wanted to know if you strapped the buttered toast on the back of a cat, would he still land feet first or would he or she be plunged into some weird black hole space time continuum. Please don't try it at home!)
Here's a couple things that I've been wondering about. When you're sitting in the bathtub, why does the water behind you get cold while the water in front of you stays hot? Even when there is space for the water to get by, the discrepancy seems too great to explain. Have any of the astronauts had sex yet in space? If I was in the space station, I think I would want to set that record very quickly. Zero G orgasms. Even if it was a solitary effort, plant that first flag on the moon. But space travel has become so matter of fact and ho hum, it would surprise me if this primal human urge had not yet been fulfilled. I don't think the NASA front desk will be very forthcoming with an information request on the subject. Why are razor blades so expensive? They can't cost that much to produce. Why is it cheaper to buy a new razor with a new cartridge or two than a replacement pack of cartridges? I always feel ripped off when I'm buying blades. I read a story about the fanatical muslim terrorists that were executed in Indonesia a few weeks ago. They expressed no remorse, only sorrow for any muslims that might have been killed. Now we have a new Muslim group wreaking their devastation and horror in Mumbai, India. They found an orthodox jewish community center to carry out their murder and dastardly attacks. Islamists have exported similar grief to synagogues in Argentina. Why target jews in India? I was reading the website for the National Lawyers Guild where they call for Israel to remove the blockade and hardships for the people in Gaza, who refuse to stop shooting katyusha and Kassam rockets into Israel. Various letters from Palestinians are routinely printed in the newspaper periodically about Israel's use of this "collective punishment." Similar sentiments have been expressed by a cavalcade of U.N. and Human Rights organizations. My question is why is Israel's self defense against missile attacks collective punishment when it is permissible for Islamic terrorists to kill jews anywhere in the world simply because they are jewish? Why the collective myopia from the world community? It seems to me that the Palestinian populace is shielding these unknown assailants at the same time that they are condemning Israel. Can you imagine the condemnation that would occur if jews killed muslims around the world in unprovoked attacks merely because they were muslim? Yet we have become inured to this behavior on the part of Islam. No other culture or creed has so much apparent disregard for harming innocent human life. I hope that they can ultimately join the human family.


Anonymous said...

Bob Dylan makes the very same point in his great song "Neighborhood Bully", refering to the state of Israel:

"Well, he knocked out a lynch mob, he was criticized,
Old women condemned him, said he should apologize.
Then he destroyed a bomb factory, nobody was glad.
The bombs were meant for him.
He was supposed to feel bad.
He's the neighborhood bully."

Blue Heron said...

My wife wanted to know if you were referring to me or the state of Israel?

Anonymous said...

You a bully? Heavens no. Irritant, fly in the ointment, iconoclast, still small voice of reason, the kid in class you hated because he was smarter than you could ever hope to be? Well, yes.

Blue Heron said...