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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mean Old World - Christine Perfect

I love Christine Perfect's voice. It is so regal. Perfect, who later married John McVie and joined 
Fleetwood Mac, was originally in this british blues band with guitarist Stan Webb, Chicken Shack. She also
played for a time with Spencer Davis.

The next cut is a song from my favorite Fleetwood Mac album, Bare Trees. This is a live recording from Seattle in 1972 with the same band that played on Bare Trees, including Danny KIrwan. 
The sound quality is just so so but you can feel the majesty of her pipes. It was a drag for me when the spotlight fell on Stevie Nicks and McVie was sort of shunted off to the back.

(Google has decided to change the way youtube links to the blog and it has screwed up the 
type function. I will try to figure it out but please excuse me.)

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Sanoguy said...

Here's my fav Fleetwood Mac story. I think of it often:

I used to do a lot of sailboat racing. In 1983, I did a Newport to Ensenada race on a pretty fast 33 ft. boat owned by some friends. That year was a fast race. We started SAT noon and by SUN early AM we were heading across the bay to the finish. Spinnaker up doing 8 -10 knots... pretty fast. There were speakers in the cockpit and we were playing Fleet Mac "Rumours" at a loud volume.. a great album. I was driving and having a great time. Such fun!!!