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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chili Coast Burgers

It's no big secret that I love to eat. I can go all snobby and culinary on you but let's face it, nothing beats a great hamburger. If you live in northern San Diego County, trust me, you can do no better than Chili Coast Burger in Vista.

The wife and I were driving to the coast the other day when I suggested we divert from our flight plan and grab a chili burger. She came along somewhat grudgingly, wanting me to decrease my meat intake, and make my cardiologist happy. But there's a time a man just has to buckle down and embrace his inner carnivore. Tickle his atavistic roots.

This is the best burger around and the fries are fantastic too. Don't ask me how and why and what for, drive over to 1330 E. Vista Way and see for yourself. Definitely try the char broiled chili to start. In the interest of maintaining my svelte waistline I settled for the 1/4 lb. and it was sufficient. Great bun, but the thing ended up a little soggy so I had to work it with a fork and knife ultimately. That's acceptable with a chili burger, trust me. As is licking the errant chili remains off of the wax paper. Fine selection of beer as well including Pilsner Urquel. I had a root beer.

It is a workingman's hang, the kind of people who can really appreciate a great burger. Just craps all over your vaunted Nessy Burger. Better than Tommy's and I love Tommy's. Chili Coast was started by a guy named Ralph that I practiced Kung Fu with for years. He had a shop in Leucadia and sold the Vista store. Don't know if Ralph is still involved in the other one.

Leslie seems very happy with my decision, doesn't she? If you know of a better burger, I want you to buy me one.


Emergefit said...

I'm on it.

grumpy said...

the problemo with most burgers is what they're surrounded with; let's face it, american cheese, lettuce, pickles, onion, tomato, ketchup, mustard, on a plain bun- that whole package is kind of boring, no?; why not surround the beef with different breads, cheeses, veggies, condiments, etc; a place in Santa Monica called Father's Office does this really well; does anyplace around here do the same?

Anonymous said...

yeah, for sure CC is numero uno, ain't no bout a doubt it.