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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pope hailed as "unfailing leader" at Easter mass

This was the AP headline this morning. I am not going to Catholic bash on Easter or most any other day - but something about this wording reminds me of a maoist broadside proclaiming fealty to the great leader or people's party. The Vatican needs to hire a new P.R. firm that isn't quite so clumsy and heavy handed. Maybe a jewish firm. I hear Ari Fleischer is free.

It did seem to take an awfully long time for them to look at the molestation evidence. What was it, twelve years? Vatican spokesmen said that the reason for the delay was that they were streamlining the system and that his eminence was more concerned with tightening up church doctrine. God help us. But then again, who am I as a mere mortal to question god's church?

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North County Film Club said...

Perfect Easter post! How the "sheep" still fall for all this is beyond me.