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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Call for entries - Local Color

Whatever happened to their heads? - © Mike Reardon

Several months ago I was asked if I was interested in showing my photography at Fallbrook's Pinnell Gallery for the month of November. I was happy to agree. However I have had three photography shows already this year at other venues and don't think I will have a fresh body of work that I will be happy with in the short time available.

Because of this I asked the owner of the gallery, Jennifer Paprock, if she minded if I opened the show up to other people's work. There are a lot of great photographers around that never get an opportunity to exhibit. She consented. I am now in the midst of curating a show that I think will be exceptional.

I have four or five people at present. A fifteen year old kid with talent brought his portfolio in off the street, some nice images. And some very strong photographers that you are probably not aware of.

If you know of a person who does interesting photography that might want to exhibit, please get in touch with me. I am looking for beautiful and powerful work. And I would like to focus on the people who do not normally get an opportunity to show their stuff. I will curate and be the final arbiter of what gets displayed.

This will be a great show that will run the length of November. We should be having a nice opening as well.


Sanoguy said...

Where in the hell did you get that photo????

I am not pissed, highly complimented, actually!!! I just can't figure out where you got that. ( Have you been in my computer???)

Blue Heron said...

Uh, you sent it to me...