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Monday, September 6, 2010

Quranic tinderbox

18 And many who had believed came confessing and telling their deeds. 19 Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted up the value of them, and it totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver. 20 So the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed. (Acts 19:18-20)
Deuteronomy 7:25 "The graven images of their gods you shall burn with fire..."

General Petraeus is a little concerned about a Gainseville, Florida church's plan for Burn a Koran day, September 11th. He has the idea that the islamic world may not take too kindly to burning their holy book. It's certainly not going to make our troops job in Afghanistan any easier. Now I would like to know if the good General is going to obey a foreign born islamic President who gets his marching orders from the Kremlin, or our lord and savior Jesus Christ?

Actually, to be completely honest, the whole idea of book burning seems to me to be more than a little creepy. It has a long and sordid history. Call me a romantic but that was something that the Nazis espoused and got really good at. Who never read Fahrenheit 451? They burnt the jewish books first.

People can't be serious about this right? It must be just a couple people like those crazy Pentecostals that put rattlesnakes in their mouths. Do we really need to rile up a billion or so angry moslems who are mostly nuts to begin with. As Tom Friedman once so eloquently stated, "Don't play crazy with the arabs, they are far better at it than you are."

The Blast decided to take a what's up tour into the world of Christian book burning. Guess what - it's worse than you think.

I got on a few Christian websites like Puritan Board and Amazing Grace and Dove World and everybody is pretty gung ho to get the burning party started. Here is a sample from Puritan Board:

"I'm all for burning every book and publication published in support of or advocating leftism."
Chaplain, US Army
Bowie, MD
TE Ohio Valley Presbytery, PCA

"I'm all for a godly magistrate outlawing anti-Christian books and burning them when found."

      "Again the brainwash test. Would they burn copies of the Talmud along with the Koran? If they say yes, I'd actually have some time them, although I'd disagree. Both are evil, Satanic works. But if not, I'd just write them off as a bunch of brainwashed ignoramuses."
Tim Vaughan
Member, Redeemer Presbyterian, OPC, 
Santa Maria
So it's not just the muslim books they are after, anything anti christian or leftist is fair game for kindling. Tim thinks that you can justify it if you throw in the Torah, I decided I had better watch Pastor Sapp's videos. And look into the used furniture particle board angle.

Christian tolerance? Watch your libraries, folks. Word has it they will be burning kindles too, so don't think you can get around this with your fancy dan advanced technology. God forbid people are really this stupid.


Anonymous said...

Wow, now that I am back in the US and was able to read your blog with out Verizon charging me untold amounts for data downloads. I think I should have stayed in Mexico. Playa del Carmen was so civilized. I never once saw any advocacy for serving up Koran Al Carbon or felt any disdain for other races. These people were happy. Yes, they have their pesky problems with the Drrug cartel members shooting each other in the nightclubs, but most of the people avoid these problems by embracing their families, enjoying the beauty around them, and putting in an honest hard days work.

The problem with these uneducated,red neck, pentecostal, born agains is that now that they are unemployed from their overpaying union jobs as an assembely line autoworker they have too much time on their hands. Perhaps if they would use some of that spare time to read books, instead of using them for kindling, they could get reeducated and find themselves a new career and get off the roles of the unemployed. And aren't most of these "conservatives the same people who complain about our government doling out money through welfare programs to those lazy minorities, yet they keep asking congress to extend their unemployment benefits? I also know several that cheat on their taxes by writing off anything and everything as a "business expense", are avidly trying to get their mortgage balances reduces and their interest payments lowered just because. While espousing their radically tainted conservative republican beliefs. Isn't that being on the dole as well? As a swing voter, that has worked since I was 12 years old, payed my share of taxes,never collected welfare, mortgage assistance, government subsidized farm monies, etc.

I am sick of the whining, holyier than thou, radical right. Please, Go out and get a job- a real job where you actually maybe even get a little dirty. Or while your unemployed, go volunteer someof your time building houses with habit for humanity; you will learn some valuable skills along the way and may even get to know some of your fellow brown and black skinned Americans who are willing to put in some sweat equity into acheiving the American Dream and acquiring a home for their family. Yes, they are getting low-interest mortgages backed by our government but they have earned it.

I see the greatest problem in America is that most people under 50 have never learned what a work ethic is. They don't understand the word responsibility and have never truely taken ownership of their lot in life. It is sad.

Since I refuse to get sucked in to the vortex of watching CNN MSNBC or FOX News unless something truely newsworthy is happening, I'll continue to tease out bits and pieces of the news of the extreme right and left from your blog as there is at least some educated banter, pretty pictures and some great tunes to entertain and stimulate my brain.

Thanks for making a valuable contribution to my social environment.



Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong. I am not advocating for the banks throwing people out of their homes through foreclosure. I am all for loan remodification for working families and those people that got stuck with properties that have suffered huge devaluation. But let's be honest, many people abused the loose credit offers, over spent, bought homes, cars and toys that were way over their means. It's the hypocracy that I can't bear.

love ya Terry

North County Film Club said...

Those videos were truly terrifying!

grumpy said...

flag burning is equally stupid.

Blue Heron said...

Who burns flags anymore, Grumpster? My motto is burn fatties, not books.

grumpy said...
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Blue Heron said...

Dallas pastor claims that Islam promotes pedophilia

Anonymous said...

Sent to Dove Church This am.

How can you call yourself an American? Freedom of religion applies to all.
How can you call yourself a man of God? God speaks to us in many ways, burning a holy book is a hate crime. Do unto others as others shall do unto you. How would you feel if people were burning bibles, the talmud, or Kahil Gibran for that matter. Book burning is for the totally uneducated, unintelligable and Nazis.

Terry Schurmeier, Christian- raised catholic, and humanitarian

Anonymous said...

Good grief...I feel so foolish. I must testify and come clean here. I've been sorta quick reading this thread for a while now and I thought these crazy religious bastards were fixin to burn a "Korean"! I sussed out that they were announcing in advance and advocating the burning of an arbitrary Korean person. Like lets have a burn a Korean day. Now I am so relieved that the Korean folks in Florida are safe from fiery southern Baptists. What is scary to me now, what shakes me up a bit is that hearing this "burn a Korean news" was totally believable to me. Its like yea I can believe that...its how those fuckers roll. This is what "its" come to. I and probably lots of other folk have become way too desensitized to violence and generally fucked up humane behavior. I must raise my expectations of my follow humanoids behavior. No easy task!

Brian V

Blue Heron said...

Burn a Korean, Brian? Not unless you want to end up in some really deep kimchee. Before you act on any instructions from either the Blue Heron Blast or the mainstream media, please make sure that you have not made a similar error. You might avert a real tragedy with serious consequences.



grumpy said...

the Dallas pastor's claims aside, pedophilia exists in Afghan male culture at least, as the PBS Frontline documentary "Dancing Boys of Afghanistan" explores.