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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

And so it begins...

The "authorities" may point to human error, my sources tell me that the robot is taking the whole horrible episode very poorly.

With his titanium cranial stem tightly lodged between his second appendage grabber row, the sleek cyborg could be seen rocking back and forth, quietly repeating an endless mnemonic drone, "I sinned against the first law, I broke the first fucking law...Why did he have to grab me? Jesus. I didn't mean to  kill him." 

Disconsolate and guilt ridden, who thought these old rustbuckets had anything even approximating human emotion?

The crack neohominid forensic team will of course be stripping this guy down to his bare resistors and seeing if there is any aberrant or malevolent programming lurking inside that might point to any future repeat acts like this one.

Chances are it was merely an accident, we repeat, you have nothing to worry about people, it was only an accident... Please return to your cubicles.


Anonymous said...

May I suggest canceling all pending orders for sex robots boys?

Blue Heron said...

I love the last line of the press release; prosecutors were considering bringing charges, but against who? Could the Robot be legally culpable and what kind of god forsaken pandoran can of worms are we opening up here?

Anonymous said...