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Monday, July 27, 2015

Sunshine Daydream

We went out to brunch with friends at one of my favorite restaurants, Davanti Enoteca in Del Mar. It isn't fancy, just really great rustic Italian comfort food. Focaccia with honeycomb to die for. Was driving down when Leslie saw skydivers popping out of the plane to our north and I popped a few pictures.

Davanti is great but the meal yesterday was frankly just a little disappointing. The brunch menu has gotten pretty consolidated. Portion size has shrunk way down. Still the food is delicious and right down my wheelhouse.

And the best bloody mary bar I have ever seen.

They hand you a salt rimmed mason jar full of vodka and a nice piece of bacon and point you to the bar which has every conceivable bloody mary condiment known to man. A meal in itself.

Here's a crappy cell phone shot. Let's see, mostaccioli, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, blue cheese, pimento and garlic stuffed olives, cholula, tomato juice, celery, several different salts and pepper, Worcestershire, lemon, hot carrots, what am I forgetting? Epic bloody mary.

You get the idea.

I ordered Uovo in raviolo alla carbonara, giant ravioli with ricotta, spring peas, pancetta, egg and pecorino. Server warned me it was small and maybe I should have believed him. I think I was swayed at the word giant. Funny. The actual pasta patty was all of three inches, if you had a ruler that stretched an eighth inch or so.

Antman would have left that entree hungry. I would have picked another adjective besides giant, even delicious, this menu risked a class action lawsuit for false advertising.

We had a melon and cucumber salad that I found tasteless, boring and rather perfunctory. Focaccia, as always, was the bomb. Whatever cheese is in it is just superb, just beyond.

The table had various things, eggs benedict, salmon salad, beets. Finished the meal off with two rather sinful desserts, a chocolate peanut butter and raspberry thing and a lemon curd, blueberry. They were both fantastic.

Everybody left happy, including me.

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