Peregrine flight

Monday, January 4, 2016


I spent my Sunday going through the week's considerable photographic booty. Missed breakfast and lunch and was heavily jonesing for coffee while madly sifting through my captures. Grabbed a slice of pizza and drove home in the late afternoon dim.

As I started out on my dusty road through my river valley I noticed this osprey fellow on a high branch of a dead tree. A little early in the year for him but it is always cool to see one. I only had my old camera with me but remembered that my old 50-500mm was in the back of the van in my daypack.

I pulled off the road and changed lenses and he was kind enough to stick around and enjoy his fish for a while, at least enough time for a few clicks.

Noisy and not too sharp but I had no time to dial it in and I am reasonably happy with it considering the distance and time of day.

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