Wednesday, January 13, 2016


photo : Village News
I was pretty bummed when I heard that Petey Stevens had died. Bummed at myself mostly for not keeping our relationship alive. Hadn't heard from her in ages, and I hadn't reached out. I should have. Petey was part of one of my earliest coffee klatches, at the Garden Center Cafe. We started our days together every morning for years. Guess things went to hell when Nancy died. I saw Mark the other day at the Post Office, spry and sharp as a tack at 94. My god, 94. How can I have several pals that age or older? Now Petey is gone too. The old gang...

Petey got Parkinsons and maybe something else. I heard that she had moved to Murrietta. But that's no excuse for my letting our friendship lay fallow. So I felt bad when she died, with me having no idea of the seriousness of her predicament.

Her good friend Connie came by the store the other day. She said that she wanted to tell me that Petey always spoke highly of me and her love for me. It meant a lot to me to hear this, feeling slightly ashamed for being remiss.

Turned out that she was a faithful blog lurker, that she followed me, I had no idea. I am happy that she kept in touch. I will miss her. What a smile, what a kind heart and great sense of humor.

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J.W. said...

Thank you for posting this, Robert.