Peregrine flight

Monday, February 1, 2016


I am back from my show in Santa Barbara. It was difficult, very difficult. I quickly remembered why I had considered not returning. Same reasons as always, I don't need to delve into them again. But I managed to pull it out with a quite respectable an almost adequate ending. The key for me is to not turn myself inside out when things go south.

My ass has been pulled out of the fire many times in the past and it was once again. Sometimes it is just a matter of waiting for the wind to change. And having a little faith.

I did a few things that were good for my mental health. I set up quick and got out of town, exploring a few ridges and back roads and driving out past Ojai. I went to Super Rica with the boys and had my favorite jugo de sandia and a dover sole tamale with cream sauce and chiles. I was invited to a great dinner at a friends' house and met some new wonderful people. Talked long into the night.

Kept my head in a better place through the adversity this week.

Tired today.

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