Peregrine flight

Friday, February 5, 2016

Super Deluxe at half the price

The scribe writes in the book of hours with a golden feather...
Painted hills near Winslow

Raven frieze - Wrigley Memorial, Catalina Architect -  Bennett, Parsons and Frost, 1933
Roadside grave of Macario Griego, Trampas, NM

Me and my late pal, Sam Maloof


Sanoguy said...

Please tell us about the scribe writing! Who, what, where, when.

Blue Heron said...

top secret stuff, will share the little I know. he lives in cleveland, knows when you are sleeping, knows when you're awake...like santa claus but golder.

Shilpa said...

Happy finding your page


Unknown said...

Nice walking stick!