Peregrine flight

Friday, May 20, 2016

Baby steps

I spent an hour with Ken yesterday at the brewery setting up the new camera.

This morning we took a walk around the Los Jilgueros Preserve and put our D810's through their paces.

I want to be very comfortable with it before we get to the Grand Tetons.

It was cloudy but we made the best of it. I was using the nikkor 35mm 1.2 d.

I don't have any zooms or many lenses at all for that matter that will work on the new full frame Nikon and glass is very expensive.

I am quite happy, in fact ecstatic at the resolution. No problems getting into a shooting routine.

Very stoked with the upgrade. Just wait...


Jon Harwood said...

Your fast lenses should be easier to focus since you no longer have the APS-C sensor's crop factor which made the lenses "longer" and thus even more challenging to focus. Carefully selected automatic prime lenses should cost less than zooms and with primes one rapidly discovers that the humanoid life form has a built in zoom in the form of feet (at least those humanoid life forms that have mastered the skill of standing on the hind paws).

Sanoguy said...

Nice shots, BH! Jon makes good points especially about the humanoid zooming feet!

Unknown said...

Beautiful shots Rob!

Ken Seals said...

Wow, that D810 has improved your work a 1000%. I think that's how it works, get a more expensive camera and you become W. Eugene Smith and Ansel Adams combined! Seriously, beautiful work.