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Friday, May 20, 2016

Mail bag

Jonathan Hill from Santa Fe has sent me so much good stuff and I don't ever thank him. Thanks, Jonathan.

Like this one, Sacred Earth Time Lapses - http://www.terra-sacra.com

And this, disabled students making music with brainwaves.

Audiophiles can get pressed into a 45 when they die.

Warmboe has been raising caterpillars up in his Burlingame backyard. And they are turning into beautiful butterflies before his very eyes.

I did a similar thing with a morning glory chrysalis when I was a young kid. Remember getting quite emotional when he flew the jar.

Even an occasional baby praying mantis.

Jeff sent this cartoon down. I happen to like it.

Jeff sent this view of Denali he shot on his way to work. Ho hum...

Saylor sent a pic from New Mexico of what might be a lunar landing and a coopers hawk in his metate.

Mike Reardon sent this picture of Leslie and pooch friend at open mike night.

Poor Mike, this is his view from Maui right now...

Ricardo's waterspout - Thailand

Bradford sends this pic of a pretty theater he saw in Arkansas. Forget the exact town.

Shawn got a little too close to the beautiful but extremely venomous Paradise Tree snake in Thailand.

Tragedy averted!

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island guy said...


Hope you get this image, pretty amazing waterspout offshore of my house. Could clearly see the contact on the ocean and the top was bending and writhing. Alongside a squall front moving towards the island. Heard they are often seen near here, but I think this one has to be unusually tall. Thanks for all the great content I enjoy on your site.