Peregrine flight

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bobby throwing thunderbolts

Zeus here. The I read the Blue Heron Blast t-shirts will be available very soon.

Printed on high quality cotton t-shirts you will be able to order yours in either gray or blue.

Sizes are limited and the small initial run is going to sell out very fast. No telling if there will be a second one but hopefully there will.

The artwork was created by my old friend Brett Stokes.

I hope that you will wear the shirt proudly, proclaim that you are a blast reader to the world.

I am going to sell them for twenty bucks a pop, shipping included.

Should be another week or so. Let me know what size you wear and what color you like and I will put you on the list. Mail me at azurebirds at gmail.com for an address to send your twenty. First come, first served.


Anonymous said...

Let's do stickers too

2 cent money said...

Fuc ya we can do bobble heads, also I can get that same shirt in Mexico for 8 dollar love your capatilizam thoughts cant sPell lol. I was thinking also in your shop we could set up a espresso bar a little extra to make the payment. Let's see I know the president of cleanfun promo they can make all your promo stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'll take 2 XXl, one in gray, and one in blue. It'd be nice to get one in brown of you wearing the deep sea diving suit. Max

Anonymous said...

I only wear low quality cotton hair shirts cuz of my guilt trip, sucka.