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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Message from El Dorado


Here is the scenario for the next 90 days as we approach election day. It can't happen any other way.

The coming polls will show that in spite of a constant drumbeat of negativity from the media directed at Donald Trump, there will arise a considerable interest in the Jill Stein campaign, pushing her above the 10 percent level. This caused by the collusion between the DNC and the Clinton campaign to discredit Bernie Sanders. 

With Clinton's drop in the polls to 35% she panics. She jettisons Tim Kaine, citing a 'family matter', and offers the VP slot to Bernie. He rejects the offer at first, but is bought off by Clinton's offer of a grand vice-presidency, with his own webpage and dancing girls. However, at the end of August, Bernie dies. Clinton's poll numbers tank, and she vainly searches for a new VP who is not considered either a communist or lesbian.

Meanwhile Donald Trump, with a commanding 10 point lead, decides to rope-a-dope the remainder of the campaign, and holes up at the top of Trump Tower. Desperate to change the outcome, Clinton hires some Syrian refugees to fly a 747 into Trump Tower, even though they have no experience in flying, hijacking or suicide bombing. Undaunted, Clinton watches for the results on C-Span.

But the Syrians are also really bad at navigation and instead fly the plane into Michael Bloomberg's mansion, thus causing Bloomberg to blame the size of soft drinks served on airplanes, and assumes this is an attack from Donald Trump. Trump's spies get the real story to the Donald and he flies his jet helicopter down to Mar A Lago with Melania, Ivanka with Jared Kushner, the Donald Jr, Eric, Barron and Tiffany. Armed to the teeth along with Tony Montana, Michelle Pfeiffer and Mary Elizabeth Mastrontonio, they await the arrival of Clinton and narco-renegades, who storm the mansion in the dead of night. 

To be continued……..


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