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Friday, August 26, 2016

Mind if I kvetch?

I haven't really been too bitchy of late. Sorry. Let me see what I can do. My coffee shop of the last ten years or so is closing today. My peeps mentioned Starbucks as a possible replacement, I hate $tarbuks. The coffee, the phony smiley corporatism, the special starbucks language...

My deli across the street is gone too as of last Monday. I have been deserted.

Electrician hasn't shown in two days. Think I am missing a circuit leg.

Been hard to get my act together post New Mexico. Finally have the gallery put back together. Now I need to make some money. It's getting harder and harder to recuperate after these extended excursions, although I only have myself to blame for pushing it so hard. Would do it again in a second, of course.

Planning an eastern sierras Mono lake trip next, I think.

Booked my reservations for the Uffizi Gallery today. Yippee!

I have never promoted my gallery in the last nine years of bloggery. But this is a beautiful navajo weaving that somebody should buy and I need to kvell about. 111" x 67". A rare Bisti regional black background circa 1930's/40's. Valero stars, crystal hooks and scalloped shells. Great for a living or dining room, perfect in a ranch house. $5200
Are you not sick to death of this Presidential election? Have it already so everybody can finally shut the f*ck up and we can all stop trying to defend the indefensible.

Obama is just holding his breath trying to finish out his term before the Iranians make a complete fool out of the United States. They buzz our warships and we piss all over ourselves. He doesn't dare say a thing to expose this faked and phony rapprochement. Now word comes that he sold out the noble Iranian opposition in 2009 in order to get his plum nuclear deal.

I hope to god that when we get a new president she will have the presence of mind to reboot our relationship with a few of the mideast allies that we have done our best to alienate in the last eight years.  Of course, the stupid and simplistic Jill Stein/Bernie voter sees the whole drama as a titanic battle between those who want war and those that want peace. Like anybody wants war? I feel like Kerry and Obama's actions re: the Iranians are the classic textbook definition of the phrase getting punked. At least Hillary has some huevos.

When it all goes to hell with the Iranians, and it eventually will, Obama can point to the next responsible party and tell them that they ruined a beautiful relationship.

The reality is that we live in a nasty old world and certain bad actors still think it is copacetic to try to swallow up their neighbors. Like in the Ukraine. And forget about the Ukrainians that have been supplanted by the Russian invasion, we forget they nailed the Tatars first. Beijing sits back with wolf eyes seeking to devour its neighbors in the South China Sea.

And the United States, as trite and quaint as it may sound, is still looked  upon in some circles as a global superpower that will enforce a modicum of civil behavior and guard against predacious bullies if it has to.

Or make sure they have enough hard currency to do their thing, whatever the case may be. Next Iranian ship makes a pass at one of ours, they are hopefully picking themselves up off the bottom of the ocean.

These whiners in Louisiana who are bitching that Obama didn't move fast enough with the 148 million; weren't you the state whose three congressmen voted against Hurricane Sandy relief? And have kissed so much oil industry ass that you have lost 1900 square miles of coastline in the last eighty years. You have lost 16% of your wetlands to open water and saltwater is killing the delta. You've practically done everything in your power to destroy your state and now you want the rest of us to come save you.

In addition, rising water is currently threatening the entire energy  pipeline system, which was designed for marshes and not open water. Your governor is an exorcist who wants to spend state money to help teach creationism in private schools.

And you want somebody to save your ass.

Own it.
Oy vey.

Trump Campaign CEO Stephen Bannon is taking a lot of heat because an ex wife pointed out that he didn't want his twin daughters to go to school with a bunch of "whiny jews." He also wanted to know how many books about chanukah were in the school library.

I really don't think this is such a big deal. And I think I can safely speak for most jews, Stephen, whiny or not, we really don't want to hang out with you so much either.

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