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Sunday, April 30, 2023

The robot can see you now. UCSD study shows that people preferred the advice of AI chatbot to doctors.

And they're more empathetic. The article here

new study led by researchers at UC San Diego explores how artificial intelligence compares to human expertise in the workaday task of dashing off quick responses to routine medical questions.

Published Friday in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine, the paper finds that ChatGPT, the world-upending chatbot with a seemingly-infinite breadth of training, was able to more than hold its own when its responses were judged by a panel of experts against those made by flesh-and-blood physicians.

Evaluators found they “preferred the chatbot responses to the physician responses,” in 78 percent of evaluations made. What’s more, chatbot responses were found to be of a “significantly higher quality” than those from humans. And, in terms of empathy, an area where people would intuitively seem to have an edge, silicon again excelled.

“Chatbot responses were rated significantly more empathetic than physician responses,” the paper states.

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