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Monday, April 17, 2023

Curtains for McCurtain

The McCurtain County, Oklahoma story is flying under the national radar. Pretty sickening. Check it out. The FBI is now investigating. Sheriff and council members are secretly recording discussing how to murder an investigative reporter.

The FBI has launched an investigation in McCurtain County following a disturbing recording obtained by News 9. The recording, captured by Gazette reporter Bruce Willingham, revealed county officials discussing plans to beat, kill and bury two newspaper reporters in Idabel, including Willingham's son, Chris."I was completely appalled and frightened, quite frankly," said Willingham upon discovering the recording.

He says he left his recording device inside a McCurtain County commissioners' meeting, where he intended to prove the officials were holding secret meetings.

However, he ended up getting much more than he bargained for.The more than three hours of audio recordings include discussions about hiring hitmen to carry out the murders.

"I've known two or three hit men, they're very quiet guys, yeah, who would cut no f*** mercy, yeah, in Louisiana, cause it's all mafia around here," said one of the county officials.

The recordings also include discussions about where the reporters' bodies could be buried. Willingham identified Sheriff Kevin Clardy, commissioners Mark Jennings and Robert Beck, and Alecia Manning with the sheriff's department as some of the people heard in the recording. 

In the recording, Jennings also appears to complain about not being able to hang Black people, saying: “They got more rights than we got.”
The conversation also included complaints about District Attorney Mark Matloff, district judges and Black people. One of those present, reportedly Jennings', says he longed for the day when law officers could knock Blacks around, throw them jail and "take them down to Mud Creek and hang them up with a rope."

"I can see where they might try to spend that as being a joke that part, but then Alecia comes back later on and starts talking about my daughter-in-law and she starts getting worried about who would get the blame. I don't see how you spin that as a joke," Willingham said. Willingham has turned the full audio over to the FBI and the Oklahoma Attorney General's office. The investigation is ongoing.

The Governor has called for all of the officials to resign. More here

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