Blue Heron in flight

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Hawk season returns

I drove by the red tailed hawk's nest on my way home yesterday. I have been waiting for the eggs to hatch for several weeks, wondering what was taking so long?

The female was standing up on the edge of the nest, rather unusual behavior of late.

Could it be?

Yes, I spotted one little puffball head. 


Now I am reluctant to say there is only one offspring this year.

I have done that before, only to be fooled later on when a brother and sister decides to pop up and join the party.

Usually we get either two or three but we shall see.

I count one at this point.

A large turkey vulture sailed overhead and I saw the male hawk fending it away from the nest.

A few feet away I saw a flicker partially obscured by a branch. I love flickers and don't see them nearly enough.

I drove past the hawk's nest this morning and she was dutifully back on the brood, keeping things warm.

I look forward, as always, in watching the young birds grow up and fledge.

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RoxAnn said...

Beautiful photos. Our neighbor’s hawks have �� too. Spring has sprung!