Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Mixed Grill

Ever thought about marrying your dog? Or an urn? Or a stiff? (ick) According to the editor of Right Wing News, these things happen in other countries. Read John Hawkins' Five Reasons to oppose Gay Marriage at Townhall.

...furthermore, once that door is opened, where does it stop? How about brother and sister? Marrying the dead sound any better? How does man and dog strike you? Adults marrying children? How does marrying a tree or a clay urn hit you?
Millard sent a few choice tidbits over.

Your pucker the wrong shade? Read about the new hot trend of asshole bleaching.

And the world's smallest whatever. Some great comments down the page...
"would look great glued to my shirt buttons..."
From One eyed Shmuel to Lloyd Blankfein, Jill clues me in on the illustrious history of jewish pirates.
The New Calvinism - Another Republican suggests that women close their legs if they desire birth control, this time its a woman.
You think your job is tough? Thomas Johnson sends this over.
Hudgins offers up this wondrous experiment in scale.


Extraordinary popular delusions - Guacamole Gulch


Don't text and walk.

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