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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Old guard gets put out to pasture.

Father Coughlin
Pat Buchanan lost his television gig this week after a fair amount of outrage over his new book. Buchanan waxes in the tome for the good old days when the country was white, western european and prayed to the same deity.

Sean Hannity gave the dour, isolationist, racist, windbag a chance to track back and reframe the argument so that it wouldn't seem so much like he was just doing his best George Lincoln Rockwell impression but he was having none of it. The conversation went something like this (from Huffpo):
Hannity ... quizzed Buchanan about the chapter in his book called "The End of White America." Buchanan said that he was merely trying to push back against the idea that the end of the country's white majority was a good thing.
"Why can everybody else celebrate this and say it's wonderful, and I can't even write about it without being blacklisted?" he said. "...I don't know why they say this is going to be better when there's a smaller percentage of white folks."
Hannity asked if Buchanan really meant to warn against cultural, and not racial, shifts in the country. Buchanan rejected that idea.
"If you remove the ethnic core of the country...I think you imperil the unity of the country and the culture," he said. "...My point is, an ethnic core -- in other words the fact that we were a Western and European people predominantly and we had 10 percent African Americans -- this was one of the strengths of this country as well as the culture."
Hannity tries to give ol' Pat an out, a chance to bemoan the loss of white anglo saxon cultural identity in our country but Pat refused to take the bait. "No Sean, it's the coloreds and the you know who, the Voldemorts, the people who can not be named, the "Hollywood cultural elites", the hooknosed money lenders, christ killers, not to mention the fags, chinks, wops, spics and shvuggies, who have reproduced beyond the perfect 10% mix we needed for a proper national demographic cocktail. We need to blanche that infernal notion of a melting pot once and for all and call it a failed experiment. We just couldn't get the shade right. "It's like toasting marshmallows, you want them a bit golden but when they light up and get black nobody wants to eat them."

See ya Pat. Hasn't exactly been swell.


Anonymous said...

So much for the First Amendment.

MC. said...

Sweet Mother of Jesus! Now I'm scared!

Blue Heron said...

I don't think his "freedom of speech" trumps the network's own freedom to decide who they want in front of the camera.