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Friday, February 10, 2012

Notes from the front.

It has been a good week so far up north. Great weather, a few nice meals. Not a lot of business as yet but I made some interesting buys.

I bought this rug yesterday, a hundred plus year old lavar kerman with birds and a tree of life motif. About 4 x 8, very fine weaving, looks spectacular. I rarely buy persians but this one is so darn good!

Stayed with Melissa the first night, she and Gary made steaks. I am not drinking or indulging so I was probably a rather boring guest. Stayed up and watched Shameless, completely over the top.

I saw BigD yesterday who is just starting to feel better after the latest chemo. One more in two weeks and he is hopefully out of the woods. Hung out in the sun and soaked up the rays.

Went out with KerryB to Iziyuma in Japantown. This restaurant is one of the only places I have ever found Okanamiyaki in the whole country.

Okanamiyaki is a japanese style of pancake, filled with meat or seafood. I had a mixed seafood pancake filled with shrimp and other delicacies from the sea. There are two styles of okanamiyaki, Osaka and Hiroshima. The japanese girls at the next table clued us in to some of the more esoteric fare on the menu. This restaurant is located in the Japan Center next to the place that sells crepes. Recommended.

Last night I visited a Syrian restaurant in Burlingame and had char broiled cornish game hen in a bed of hummus and yellow rice. It was very different. Last time I was there I had the lamb shanks. Great little spot on Broadway.

I have a very nice lady sharing my space at this show, Rachel Prater from Gallery 925. Rachel did me a big favor recently and I offered her a case to show off her wares, the most incredible collection of Georg Jensen and Puiforcat hollowware and jewelry. Really spiffs up my booth and it is a pleasure having her company.

Michael is back from Thailand, wife and daughter coming soon. We are going out to Creola tonight, my favorite Bay Area spot.

I bought a very exceptional early piece of tiffany glass. It is a huge, odd asymmetric form with an x series mark, x 2867. The x pieces ran until about 1896, finishing at x 3700, so this is really early.  About a foot tall, I never have seen anything like it. You can only see one angle but the other views are totally different and random. George Ohr meets Louis Comfort Tiffany. Quite deconstructive.

Two more days and maybe something will fire. Will write if I get work.

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This ain't the proper location for the comment but since it is the only place available, here goes: Darn nice hawk pictures. And--One of the things I like about this blog is that the lettering is so nice. Most folks, myself included, don't understand fonts, lettering and all related topics.