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Thursday, March 27, 2008

California Secession

It is time for the citizens of California to secede from the United States. Here's why:

Federal Voting Rights - California has a population of roughly 37,700,000 people as of June 2007. Wyoming has a population of roughly 515,004. We have 71 times the population of our sister state. Yet our 55 electoral votes are only eighteen times the three electoral votes of the plains state. We have a disparity of power in this country where rural populations are disproportionally dictating policy to the majority. This is evident in farm subsidy issues as well as other social differences with the heartland, which tends to be more evangelical and conservative.

California the Economic Giant - California is the first state to reach 1 trillion in Gross State Product. We produce 13% of the Federal Gross Domestic Product. We are by most indices the 7th largest economy in the world. We are the largest producer of goods as well as the largest agricultural producer. We pay over 250 billion in federal taxes a year or 14% of the national burden yet only make up 11% of the national population.

Balance of Payments - We receive only 79 cents in federal monies for every dollar we contribute. In 2003 we sent 58 billion more dollars to the feds than we received in kind. Current numbers are harder to figure. California spends 10.5 billion dollars annually in paying for the incarceration, medical care and education of illegal immigrants. After subtracting the estimated tax contributions of said aliens, economists figure that the number drops to 9 billion. The feds only give us negligible support on this federal problem. Yet the Bush administration wants to reduce their aid to the State of California Alien Assistance Program or SCAAP by 85 million this year and eliminate it entirely in 2009.

Innovation - We are always steps beyond the national curve in technological advances; the internet and modern day computing were both conceived here. Socially and culturally, many of the most important movements in music, art, cuisine and literature were born in the golden state. We tend to be a more tolerant state and more open to new ideas.

Historical Precedent - California was actually initially a separate nation, hostile to both Mexico and the United States. Modern day California was established in 1769 when Cabrillo established the first mission in San Diego. It became a U.S. Territory in 1847 when Mexico surrendered to General Fremont but not before several wars were fought by the "Californios" against the United States. These include the Battle of Los Angeles on September 30, 1846 and the Battle of San Pasqual and the Battle of Dominguez Rancho. In addition there were battles in Temecula, La Mesa and Rio San Gabriel. The Californios were a multi ethnic group with no allegiance to any foreign power. John Sutter helped lead the fight in the north.

Federal Unresponsiveness - Washington has thwarted the will of the people and our representatives on a myriad of issues including Medical Marijuana, Clean Air, National Parks Management, etc. We need to demand that Federalist policies do not abrogate the will of the people of California.

The point is that as Californios we have had a distinct feeling of Independence and sovereignty from the time of our state's inception. The Bear Flag revolt on June 14, 1846 separated us from Mexico and gave us our first flag, a Grizzly Bear with the words California Republic. We need to consider a return to our roots.We need to demand accountability from the federal government and fairness in dealing with the economic problems created by their ineptitude and malfeasance.

Robert "Native San Diegan" Sommers


Anonymous said...

I hate you left wing nutcases, who think the USA revolves around California liberal politics. Get real. By the way Wyoming is a Rocky Mountain State. Do us a favor and take your vacation in California, preferably a good communist resort like Berekely.

Anonymous said...

Your blog says that California should suceed from the United States, yet you complain that California is not getting the necessary Federal money for it's social programs. Sir you cannot have both ways. Otherwise, I agree with most of your obsevations.

Blue Heron said...

I am not asking for money for social programs, I want the feds to pay for the Federal Mandates which are all too often unfunded or underfunded. One of the major responsibilities of the federal government is to secure our borders.

I think as the major economic engine, we deserve to have a fair return on the monies we send to washington.

Sorry about labeling Wyoming a plains state - driving east from yellowstone I just remember endless miles of drilling rigs and pronghorn...

Anonymous said...

There is a danger that if CA were to secede from the US that many left wing views would remain unaired and that the US would become more of a lumbering behemoth than even now. I think CA is doing a great job keeping it closer to the centre right than would otherwise be possible. The point at which it has no influence should be the point at which to consider secession. No?

Nice idea and well informed article. Thanks,


Anonymous said...

I generally tend to agree that California should secede from the U.S. And if you're serious about the idea you might want to check out www.independentca.org, which is a group that is aiming for CA secession.