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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

it's the economy, stupid!

Our current national debt as of yesterday was $9,414,563,701,197.54. Our current deficit is 219 Billion, however this number is misleading as our president funds the Iraq and afghanistan wars through emergency spending bills which don't show up. The debt, which is principally owed to China, Japan and the U.K. is increasing by approx. $1.69 billion per day or $75 million an hour. I heard a figure recently of how long it would actually take a human being to audibly count to 9 trillion and it ran into the millions of years.

I must note that Bill Clinton, for all his carnal peccadillos, left the country with a 127 billion dollar surplus. Of course a surplus was unfair to americans in this administration's eyes and so we started this tax cut fiasco and here we are. How do you like it?

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