Jelly, jelly so fine

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chapter X

She was shaking with the tremors only vagrant drunks know, trying to remember which key opened the safe, fearing the gun, fearing the worst. He smelled her fear, slammed her against the safe, moved the gun up and down her tight thighs, breathing heavily upon her neck, “Open the fucking safe, bitch!” She made $8.25 an hour as a cashier, how could her life be on the line for minimum wage….who will remember to turn the crock pot to low at 5pm? Which key will give him what he wants??!!!

Finally it opened, like Jesus' tomb…empty!!!! “Dear Jesus, tell Lavelle and Kiki I love them”she prayed,…Corky spun the cashier…screaming “Bitch!” “Fuck, what am I gonna do now!!”

Everyone looked past the gun into the eyes of one jonesing crack head, knowing the options were few…He threw her to the ground grabbed the cash from the registers and the guns, pushed the door open with his back, shot three times in the air and ran shaking and cursing into the alley….over the fence and into a downstairs apartment.

Fuck!!! What to do??

by lisa

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