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Monday, April 28, 2008

Murray Rosenberg R.I.P.

My stepfather, Murray, died yesterday at a hospice in Pennsylvania. Although small in stature, Murray was a great man with a giant heart who put up with my mother for many years. Born in Boston, Murray spent his life in the furniture business. He moved to the Poconos with my mother about 25 years ago.

Murray was passionate about sports, and beat a major league gambling addiction in the 60's. He went to meetings and I respected him. He put up with all the little dogs that were always underfoot in the Fisher/Rosenberg household and all the other attendant crises.

He was a loving, devoted husband to my mother and took the heat off the children whenever possible.

Death came hard and painfully and I regret my absence at the end. I hope that my mother can bear up - he was the nicest of her four husbands. Patient and extremely kind.

Raise a glass to Murray, a real mensch!


Anonymous said...

hi robert,
i hope that my step daughter will remember me one day with the same warmth and tenderness as you hold for murray... he sounds like a big & great man.
i wish you a long life,

Blue Heron said...

thank you, Nitza.