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Friday, April 4, 2008

Marjorie Cohn- Author of Cowboy Republic

Last night I went to the monthly meeting of the Fallbrook Democratic Club. There was a very articulate and erudite speaker, Ms. Marjorie Cohn, addressing the group as an invited guest. The President of the National Lawyers Guild and a Professor of Law at Thomas Jefferson University, Cohn has written the new book Cowboy Republic, Six Ways the Bush Gang Has Defied the Law. This book was published by Polipoint Press in June of 2007 and is a very interesting read on the litany of constitutional abuses by the Bush Administration.

Of course, being 8 months old, and with new revelations of malfeasance occurring on a daily basis, the book is not fully comprehensive, but Cohn did an excellent job of illustrating recent additions. I have just purchased the book, and of course I have not read it yet but it seems like a very good primer on the Bush Administration's usurpation of our constitution.

I am used to being the wide eyed liberal in most groups but I felt like Lester Maddox in this cavalcade. Cohn's talk was like throwing prime beef to a pack of hungry wolves. She railed against blue dog democrats and dixiecrats and the crowd ate it up. Amongst strident calls by the citizenry for impeachment, kneecapping and war crimes tribunals I realized that I was a rank amateur. And when someone suggested bringing in Ramsey Clark as Attorney General for the new inquisition, I knew I had to get out quickly, very quickly.

Ms. Cohn was really an excellent speaker. Since I feed on this civil liberty stuff on a daily basis there wasn't a lot new for me but she brought an interesting perspective to the table on a host of issues like the Medellin case. I am so happy that I got to hear someone of her caliber speak and visit our fair burg. For a provocative read and outline of the constitutional traumas that we are going to have to spend years mending, you should pick up her book.


NYSTAN said...

great stuff. you are a gifted writer.
and as for forgotten musicians, nobody beats and I mean nobody, Earl Hooker....ever watch the American Blues Festival DVD's? There are some bonus tracks at the ends of vols 1 and 2 and you can see where Hendrix picked up a lot of his licks...the guy was a magician.
My favorite Earl tune was, "Did you Ever See a One Eyed Woman Cry?"
Keith Richard mentions him a bunch too....and how about the Texas Tornado Freddie King? Clapton robbed him deaf dumb and blind. (Or was Albert King the Texas Tornado?) Nicknames aside, Freddie was the man and Leon Russell made some interesting records with him....so he might be from Tulsa where Leon came from...not sure.

Anonymous said...

The left have got some reality issues that need the cold splash of November to put an end to this B.S. For starters, Bush kicked your ass, then he kicked your ass again, and he did it before, twice, in Texas. And he kicked Ann Richards ass when she was unbeatable. If he had to do it again, he would kick your ass again. You have to face the cold hard fact that he was just too good, like the rest of us normal people have had to face up to Slick Willie being just too good.
Anything Bush did to 'break the law' meant an ARMY of lawyers, just as talanted and more so than Marjorie Cohn (tribal?) were behind it and they can give you 10-20 years of knock-down, drag-out court battles and come up nowhere.
Instead of writing an entire book, why doesn't Ms. Cohn publish a broadside saying 'Fuck Bush' over and over again and be done with it. Nobody will give a shit about any of this stuff after next Jan. 21 anyway.

Blue Heron said...

Dear Anonymous - your vitriol seems strangely familiar, I do believe that I have a close association with the face you shave in the mirror every morning. Spend more time potty training your chihauhua and less time assaulting good americans with your hateful bellicose spew. All the best.