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Monday, April 14, 2008

Seeking Tech Help/Selling Out

I am thinking about getting a video camera and am at a sort of loss. I have a souped up intel mac and don't know the best video format for it and would love your suggestions if anyone has experience with video. I want something that will firewire or usb into imovie or final cut and cost under a grand. I think that my two best options are mini dv or high def. I guess I am not sure if mini dv will be obsolete in a short period of time or if there are any clear advantages in going that way.

My limited research tells me that I want to steer clear of dvd or mpeg4 formats which don't work well with the mac and require additional conversion. I hear that the Panasonics are good but that you have to remove the battery to stick the firewire in. Don't know anything about the Canons. Sony supposedly doesn't like Mac.

I would like to post my own video to You tube to stick on the blog.

On another note, Google cleared me if I want to start posting ads on my site and I almost did but ultimately didn't. They actually pay you. The reason I declined is that it appears that Adsense tracks blog viewers web meanderings and I refuse to allow that. In addition they reserve the right to censor what they deem is inappropriate content and I don't want anyone looking over my shoulder.

I am really stupid when it comes to new technology - can't even figure out the Google Analytics Site to see how many hits I am getting. In the blog world you can't ever call someone up and get help. You have to do it yourself and try to figure it out through viewing some obscure forum where people possibly know even less than you do. Wish I could find a Blog tech/expert to tighten up the ship. I have asked a close friend who was the Gadget editor for Wired Magazine for years to join the blog and write an occasional column and hope that he accepts.

Have a great week. It's beautiful here.

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techlectics said...

What a fun blog. You sure write a lot. Call me if you need any tech help (disclaimer: I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing). Regarding video, I'm not into video at all but the buzz is that, for an inexpensive camera, you can't beat the Flip video camera. It's lacking some features like removable memory but for under $150 I think it's a very good value. For YouTube it should be more than adequate. Bob W.