Saturday, February 27, 2010

Life is for the birds

My neighbor Stephanie yelled out to me when I got home the other afternoon that the resident Great Blue Heron was flying over the house.

I had already seen our flying friend, this modern day avian pterodactyl, but still appreciated the heads up. Felt fortunate that I had been in on the loop. He sailed over the chimney and I lamented not having my Nikon at hand. Cell phone cameras suck.

This is a picture of a grey heron that we took when we were up in Algonquin.

Yesterday, Stephanie called me on my cell phone to let me know that she saw the magnificent osprey I saw some time back. It flew over her suburban with a fish in its mouth.

So I have entered the stick the camera in my car at all times mode. Have the 300mm lens at the ready.

My sensor is dirty again and ruins every shot and I have to do this photoshop dance. I want to buy a Nikon camera body with a self cleaning sensor but my Canon pal Stan says they don't work. And I am broke and the last thing I can justify is a new camera. But I have paid a fortune in cleaning and its a real pain in the ass and wallet. Don't need anything fancy, probably a D 90 because I love having a super light camera and I can do so much in post production. Kerry brought his super fancy and expensive Canon 5D over last month and the resolution is truly incredible but I think you sacrifice something in terms of utility with all of the extra weight. I take a ton of shots and like to set up and shoot fast.

We are waiting to see if the red tail hawks will nest in last year's nest, where we all watched the three juveniles grow up. Such a great vantage for photography. Red Tails were the best part of the year for me and all the neighbors gave each other the heads up when anything was going on. Even the neighbors that no one can stand were included like one big happy valley.

I have high hopes for this osprey. An uncommonly gorgeous specimen. Write if you find birds.


WildBill said...

I've had a D90 for the last year and I really like it. Compared to some of the other new camera technology, it is big and bulky, but once it's set, it is instantly on and fires away. To me, the whole SLR system is so much more intuitive than the little point and shoot. I am not much more than a snapshot photographer, but I always keep the D90 in the car - easily accessible.

For the last three years we have been watching a pair of Great Blue Herons nest and raise 2 or 3 young. Their trees are about 1/4 mile away, but the telescope helps us get a better view. They usually start around this time of year and we've seen them in the trees a few times already. We also notice their droppings on the roof or cement - looks like someone tossed a can of white paint.

It is amazing how much this little view of wildlife adds to our lives as we watch them get fed, grow and move on each year.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Nikon D-90(12.3 MP/ APS-C)is not a full frame camera.
The Nikon D-700 is Nikon's least expensive full frame camera, but only has 12.1 MP.
For the same price range Canon offers the EOS 5D Mark II full frame(21.1) An incredibly high quality workhorse.

Blue Heron said...

I love my flotilla of dx lenses and I can not see spending the amount of money it would take to replace them. Nice try, Canon. I'd sooner go Calvinist!