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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Somebody sent me a link to the cool website urbanhawks. Chronicles the narnian type struggle of the wild animals (non biped type) to reclaim New York City.

Where I live the coyotes are like pigeons but I guess it's all about context. I sent the link to Stan and he sent me another similar link from his friend Cal, birds of central park.

I am a regular visitor to naturalist Monika Wieland's excellent Orca Watcher blog.

I will have to take pictures of the empty hawk's nest in the sycamore tree. All the leaves are gone and it looks lonely and forlorn.  I wonder if any one of the three offspring will come back and use the nest this year. Watching the hawks grow up was the highlight of 2009, not that there were so many. I have seen the juveniles in the valley once or twice in the last couple of months.

It has been steady rain. We invited a few friends over to open a special bottle of wine at the gallery last night but most couldn't make it.  Had a fairly ribald and profane time with those that did. Bit rocky today.

Tracy just sent me another great avian link, Palemale.

This guy of course, is one of mine. Don't believe he was a redtail, he was smaller and showed up about a month after the other four left the valley. Maybe a red shouldered, will have to check.

Saw an osprey several months ago. Outrageous white head with a black bandit's mask strapped across his eyes. Incredibly beautiful bird.

Renee said that these corks aren't really engaged in rough sex because she is still wearing her olives.

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Anonymous said...

This happened in my neighborhood and the place they were referring to is only a few minutes away and a frequent walking spot.
Must seem funny to most people in the US....what' the big deal?
We had one a few years ago. Last time, the police came in with a chopper and tranqued it.
Believe me. every dog owner up here knew about the coyote within the hour of the sighting!
That was the biggest dog news in months.

The question will remain, 'how the hell did this poor beastie manage to get onto the island? Last time, they theorized it trotted down the banks of the Hudson River and managed to sneak up onto and then over the Henry Hudson bridge. Seems far fetched, but as you know, they are clever.
We have a rabid raccoon situation in the park right now....maybe Wiley thought he could chow down on all the confused coons wobbling around at the moment (it is a little frightening to see a disoriented male in broad daylight standing in the middle of the sidewalk, unafraid.

I wish they would let a pack settle here, along with a few black bears and some timber rattlers. If they want to bring nature back, they have to be more democratic than to stick to robins and sparrows, raccoons and squirrels.
There's a lot to eat in the park. And for a coyote, I guess that would include little fluffy dogs.
Thanks for sending that.