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Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday's Minefield

I saw where the gubernatorial candidate in New York, Carl Paladino, is cautioning young people that homosexuality is not a "viable option."

I was pondering this and realized that heterosexuality is not an option either, at least for me. It happens to be the way my being is hardwired, I never had a choice and I don't believe gay people do either.


Speaking of gay people, we have been bombarded with a cavalcade of stories of late of gay bullying, gay suicides, etc.. We have all heard them, I don't think I need to bring them up individually. There is a terrible backlash against gays here in the United States and now in Belgrade, Yugoslavia where the first gay pride parade was met with utterly horrible violence.  I have to think that the repression has something to do with the rise in power of the religious right and the Tea Party movement. You know all the folks that are so upset about diversity. Senator Jim DeMint doesn't want gay people or unmarried mothers teaching children. Perhaps you think that this is all a stretch.

But it is interesting to me that Focus on the Family and Tony Perkins at the Family Research Council have been so adamant about fighting school programs that would protect gay students.

"All of these deaths are tragic, but it is factually wrong to say that all were the result of anti-gay bullying," said William Donohue, head of the Catholic League, a conservative advocacy group.

"It's shameful that some pro-homosexual activists would exploit the personal tragedies of these families to promote a political agenda," said Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, a prominent conservative Christian lobby. "While individual bullies may target 'gay' kids (and should be punished), there's no empirical evidence for the claim that society's disapproval of homosexuality causes the mental health problems (including depression and suicide) that are found among homosexuals. The "most compassionate" thing Christians can do for gays is to convince them they can change their sexual orientation."

Focus on the Family officials say provisions in the new Safe school anti bullying legislation would in reality "promote homosexuality to kids" as early as kindergarten and "lay the foundation for codifying sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes." Focus has a new campaign called "True Tolerance," which aims to fight bullying policies that protect gays by claiming they seek to "evade parental rights" and "circumvent traditional marriage laws."

These people are bastards and they do not in reality care a bit about the children who are being bullied. It is obvious that a specific type of people are being picked out for attack. They only want to further their theocratic agenda. These religious scoundrels deserve to die in the most miserable hell they can imagine. If nothing else they contribute to a moral climate that contributes greatly to the repression that gay people have to suffer through. I am proud of my gay friends and consider them some of the most courageous people I have ever met.


I was also aghast at the story of the three people kidnapped and tortured in New York by the Latin Street Gang. They were sodomized with broomsticks. Isn't it a bit intriguing how anal penetration is present in so many of these types of anti gay violence? Are the perpetrators playing out their own homosexual fantasies during these horrid episodes? Same thing happened in the Abner Louima incident if my memory serves me correctly. Only then it was police officers tending to their own sodomistic urges.


After the Hungarian Sludge disaster last week, I read an article where Texas Aluminum producers said that it wouldn't happen here because we kept our sludge drier and it was more likely to fly into the air. HELLO! Have you read what this stuff is comprised of? And it's all right because we are only breathing it...Luv ya, Texas.


Kudos to the Nobel Committee for honoring Liu Xiaobo, the first Chinese citizen to win the Nobel Peace Prize, who has dedicated his award to the "lost souls" who died during the repression of the Tiananmen pro-democracy movement.

Interesting to see that the piece of garbage who is the current dictator in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, has mocked the award and joined his chinese comrades in condemning the award.  Where are you Oliver Stone and Sean Penn? Are you going to stand once more with your communist friends and against the beleaguered people of China?


On a lighter note, Renee's son Karri got married yesterday in Puerto Vallarta, one of many trysts that took place on 10/10/10. My Doctor Carmen tells me that she has used the ten-ten-ten rule for years: How will a decision affect me for 10 days, 10 months and 10 years? Congratulations to the bride and groom.


Sanoguy said...

I love the Slim Pickens photo from Dr. Strangelove. What a great movie... what a great scene with Slim riding the bomb!!!

Yes, "Hello Texas"... more like "Wake Up, Texas!!!".

Would be interested in your comments re: funding of political campaigns by foreigners.

grumpy said...

man, you're on a roll, first trashing Mo Tucker, and now Hugo, Ollie and Sean; no one is safe.