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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tribal Stomp - Butterfield

If you are looking for the youtube clip - sorry - got this nice letter from Pete this morning. Which is okay because the clip was substandard. You would think that he would go after the original poster on Youtube instead of the tertiary chain but who knows how it works? I guess I am allowed to talk about the show still, right Pete?

You do not have the rights to post this audio from that 1978 show..  I am Chets partner and I recorded all of this.
Please remove this 1978 Tribal Stomp audio from your site.  
I am working on a deal about this video and audio footage right now.
Pete Slauson

I found this recording on Youtube this morning. I was lucky enough to be at this show, which was a Tribal Stomp reunion at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. My friends Jack and Yvonne were old Haight Street pals with Chet Helms and we were all treated to a magical day. A very nice time was had by all. I just happened to chance upon the flyer for the show which I had kept. I had forgotten that Chet signed it. Dan Hicks and the Chambers Brothers and a bunch of other people showed up and played as well but my memory is a bit, well, hazy. Someone was passing out carnations. The greatest light show I ever saw. I am not much of a dance buff but the performance by Dance Spectrum was revelatory for me. A duet like courting butterflies. Of course it may have been just the hallucinations.

It's a Beautiful Day and Butterfield were the musical highlights for me on this memorable day of pure magic. This cut is just ok but there were some slow blues numbers that burned. Bloomfield was the gold standard for urban blues guitar - in my opinion no one else came close. White or black. Wavy Gravy came out and did a great rap about false teeth chattering away on a table. Our gang took a limo up from Laguna Beach for the weekend. Glorious days. When we got back to Bluebird Canyon, it was taped off with yellow safety ribbon, sections having slid down the hill while we were cavorting up north. Sometimes you have to pay the toll.


NYSTAN said...

If you enjoyed "It's A Beautiful Day" yes, you were stoned.

Blue Heron said...

Here is a partial setlist:The Family Dog Presents - A TRIBAL STOMP
Live at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, California
October 1, 1978

The Poets

01. Chet Helms Introduction to the TRIBAL STOMP
02. Wavey Gravy introduces the poets including the POET chant

Michael McClure
03. Introduces Poem, “Listen Laurance”
04. Listen Laurance
05. A Spritual Nation (missing start from tape flip)
06. The Rose
07. The Powers That Be
08. I Work With The Shape Of Spirit
09. Prayer To The Godess Of Mercy
10. I Am The Dead Coyotee on the Asphalt
11. Mens Lives are Chains Of Chances
12. Introduces Lenour

Lenore Kandel

13. What Tribe?
14. Mixed Feelings
15. A Spiritual Poem
16. American Dreams
17. Introduces Diane

Diane Di Prima

18. Excerpt from Revolutionary Letters (#1)
19. Revolutionary Letters (#2)
20. Everyone Is A Political Prisoner
21. Ode To Elegance
22. Life Chant

(Many Poem Titles are APPROXIMATE and not necessarily correct)

Disc 2

01. Wavy Gravy tells a joke and introduces….

Dan Hicks

02. How Can I Miss You When You Wont Go Away
03. Stoned
04. Save A Nickle Save A Dime (with the Opinions)
05. Her Eyes Were Meant For Me (with the Opinions)

06. Wavey Gravy Tells a Joke, Band tunes Up and Dave LaFlamme Introduces...

It Was A Beautiful Day

07. Wasted Union Blues
08. Hot Summer Day
09. Bombay Calling >
10. Bulgaria >
11. Time Is
12. White Bird
13. Don And Dewey

Disc 3

01. Wavy Gravy Story

Lee Michaels

02. Introduction
03. Automatic Attitude
04. Politician
05. Call My Name
06. Oak Fire
07. You Know What I Mean
08. Heighty Hi

Canned Heat

09. Tune Up
10. Shake Your Boogie
11. On The Road Again
12. House Of Blue Lights
13. Hot Money
14. I Want To Step Out Tonight and Strut My Stuff (With Guests the Chambers Brothers)
15. Turn Your Lights Down Low
16. Natural Fried Hockey Boogie

Disc 4
Big Brother and the Holding Company

01. Introduction
02. Combination Of The Two
03. In A Broken Dream
04. Going Down
05. Call On Me
06. My Love May Be Crying (??)
07. I’ll Change Your Flat Tire Merle
08. Burried Alive In The Blues
09. Falling For Your Love

Disc 5
Country Joe And The Fish

01. Chet Helms Introduction
02. Rock and Soul Music
03. Love
04. Flying High >
05. Colorado Town
06. Here I Go Again (A Psychedelic Waltz)
07. Mojo Navigator >
08. Section 43 >
09. Save The Whales >
10. The FISH Cheer >
11. Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag
12. Rock and Soul Music

Disc 6
01. Wavy Gravy tells a Story

Paul Butterfield Blues Band

02. Chet Helms Introduction
03. Born In Chicago
04. Our Love Is Drifting
05. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
06. Shake Your Moneymaker
07. Get Out My Life Woman

Disc 7
Paul Butterfield Blues Band

01. You’ve Got To Pay The Price For Feeling Nice
02. Mystery Train
03. Little Brown Bird
04. I Got My Mojo Working
05. Chet Helms talks
06. Don’t You Lie To Me

Anonymous said...

I remember when I was a young tot, an impressionable hippie youth, I saw It's a Beautiful Day with Moby Grape at the Carousel Ballroom in SF.
Moby Grape put on a great concert, but what really blew my mind was It's a Beautiful Day. I had heard White Bird on the Radio, but never expected them to be so good live. They put on a great concert. And of course I was stoned, who wasn't in those days.
NYSTAN must be confusing them with some NY group like Bon Jovi or Blondie.